Wednesday 28 September 2011

Event Coverage: BMW Toronto HPDE @Mosport GP

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Please check out the full album here: BMW Toronto HPDE Photos

As the season comes to a close, BMW Toronto picked the perfect day to host their High Performance Drivers Education day at Mosport GP in Bowmanville, ON. The car gods blessed those that attended with a beautiful day and most importantly no rain and a clear sky. I'm sure everyone was fearing the worst as the weatherman called for rain the days leading up to the event. That didn't seem to discourage any souls as there was a great turn out, bright and early, everyone came ready to hit the tarmac and enjoy one of the highest speed (average) tracks in North America.

Entering the paddock area, you were greeted by a line of welcoming BMWs, as expected from a BMW Toronto hosted event.

Line of current 3-series (e9x) BMWs, the 335i being a popular choice.
There were several drivers out in their race prepped cars also. Kurt unloading his E36 M3 with the help of Rudy.

There was a wide range of BMWs in attendance from old to new, a few GT-Rs, a few Porches, a Merc, a Audi and a Civic SI rounded out the group that was divided into 3 groups. Students were paired up with an instructor and then they were off.

After brief safety meeting, cars were lined up and ready to go.

Cars are let onto the track one at a time.
Everyone waits for the marshal to give the signal
and off they go!
Instructors drive their student's cars for the first few laps, showing them track basics and the optimal line.
After the first session, Helmets are required and signaled passing is allowed
E30 M3 driver giving the passing signal, allows two GT-Rs to pass on the front straight.
M6 looking right at home
E46 M3 Cabrio, low and looking good.

Mark D'Sylva in his E34 M5

Instructor giving some tips

A nice Z3 M Roadster

A few cars on the front straight

Civic joining in on the fun

A sharp looking red 335is

An Audi estate enjoying the track
After each 30 minute session, cars pull into the pits as another group gets ready to enter the track
A perfect time to cool off the engines
Supercharged E92 M3 
Track Prepped E30
A few more shots before I close...

The day coming to a close

The day finishes without any incidents and everyone had a great time, I'd like to thank the BMW Toronto team for organizing a well run event. Smoothly ran track days like this one, make everything safe, fun and enjoyable for everyone. I hope to see everyone out on the track next year!

Please check out the full album here: BMW Toronto HPDE Photos

Thank you for tuning in for's BMW Toronto HPDE Event Coverage.


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