Monday 29 August 2011

Event Coverage: ImportExpo - Mosport DDT - Aug. 28

Car show hang over? That is the new buzz word I keep hearing after this weekend's Import Fest and other related events. Unfortunately I didn't make it out to ImportFest but I did make it out to the ImportExpo time attack event at Mosport DDT. It was a windy and cloudy day, seemed like Irene's runoffs were making there way to Mosport and most of the GTA from NYC, but that didn't stop everyone from having a great time. Big thanks to the ImportExpo organizers for another great event. Pictures after the break.

I'll start off with a quick walk around the paddock area to check out some of the cars in attendance.

Paddock area looking busy

Focal Point Lancer
Team MaNick participating in both Dirft and Time Attack

The heart of the mean sounding, tire smoking monster that you will see in action shortly

Super clean H22 swap

Who doesn't like em 'Clean & Shaved' ?

Chris from CoolKidsClub

Sweet looking R34 Skyline 

BC Racing RHD Civic Type R

Kensai Racing in da house

Too Fast Motors' G35 - ImportFest Hang Over? 

Sticker bombed CRX

Yellow ITR - JDM Front End

Clean Pro-Spec / Stage Four Civic Hatch

RWD Street Class - Stage Four Rx7 ready to go

RWD Street Class - S14

RWD Street Class - C6 Corvette

RWD Street Class - Super Low, Turbo'd, Cleanly Stance'd S2k

RWD Street Class - StanceFactory's M Roadster feeling the BMW love

Myke hard at work, 'helpers' enjoying the track action

Looks like some coolant troubles

Pretty much all participants where busy, 'Fine tuning' their rides

ITR being checked out...

Stage Four Integra being worked on

Team MaNick doing some fine tuning

Time for some Drift Action...
Chris in Action, repping Sailun Tires

240 getting completely sideways hitting full opposite lock

Team MaNick in drift mode

Drift Lesson #1 - If you screw up, do a burnout.

Time Attack Action...

Stage Four Civic working out the kinks

Team MaNick in Time Attack Mode, with a little bit of drift still in there

Stage Four 6th gen Civic coupe 

Lone Celica repping  Toyota

8th gen Si chasing down a GTI

Clean white on white theme

RSX battle scars 


Some more off road action during hot lapping
Super loud civic tearing it up

Stay tuned, official results posted soon...

Full photo album here:

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