Monday 2 July 2012

Event Coverage: Drift Mania Canadian Championship Round #3 @Mosport DDT (Part 1 - Qualifying)

The Drift Mania Canadian Champion series made it's way to Canadian Tire Motorsports Park (aka Mosport DDT) for the only event of the season that will be less than an hour away from the GTA. It was my first time attending a DMCC event, I have to say it was a blast! There wasn't a better way to spend Canada Day. The turnout was huge, I don't think I have ever seen the DDT track packed the way it was on Sunday. The DMCC crew were well organized and I'm glad to see events of this calibre on our side of the border. I've seen our local motorsport scene grow over the years, but always wished that one day we'd start to see some high quality drift events that would put up some competition to the ones we see from down south. This summer is without a doubt the most exciting one for any car enthusiast out there as the sport grows and it's only July!

Enough talk, lets see some pictures! I'll start off the Part 1 of this event coverage with pictures from each driver's qualifying sessions.

#44 - Simon Schaffner: Qualified 16th
#11 - Brad Paauw: Qualified 15th
#31 - Eric Paradis: Qualified 14th

#22 - Claude Poirier - Qualified 13th

#80 - Gosselin: Qualified 12th
#76 - Dany Bernier: Qualified 11th
#24 - David Briggs: Qualified 10th
#64 - Tomy Boivert Bellemare: Qualified 9th
#12 - Bradley Carlton: Qualified 8th
#08 - Peter Chrisikopoulos: Qualified 7th
#84 - Joe Thiffault: Qualified 6th
#62 - Bob Patinka: Qualified 5th
#70 - Alexandre Michaud: Qualified 4th
#43 - Francis Tasse: Qualified 3rd
#86 - Pat Cyr: Qualified 2nd
#11 - Marc Landreville: Qualified 1st! 

#007 - Mike Pollard: Did not qualify
 #33 - Maxime Poirier:  Did not qualify

 Drifting is considered the contact sport of the Motorsport world, which means that it is not uncommon to see a fair bit of off track excursions, tire walls, hay, cement wall collisions and love taps during the tandem drifts giving the cars a lot of 'character'. Joe Thiffault clipped the outside curb during his second run heading into clipping point 2 in his 'Hachi Roku' AE86 bending a rim so badly it separated the tire, he was able to continue off the track straight to the pit area. His first run was good enough to give him 6th place during qualifying. See the carnage below...

 JoDrift team back in the pit area patching up the Roku and mounting another set of wheels for the competition round.

Wheels and tires litter the pit area in various states of beauty.

That's it for Part 1, stay tuned for Part 2, where we will be providing coverage of the competition round and a lot more drift action!

Pictures can also be found in the gallery below:

 View this entire album: DMCC - Drift Mania Canada Round 3 (Mosport DDT)

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