Friday 15 February 2013

2013 CIAS (Canadian International Auto Show) Media Day Highlights

The Canadian International Auto Show opens today (Friday February 15, 2013) and runs until the 24th at the Metro Toronto Convention Center.'s editor and photographer spent the day with other media personnel for a sneak peak of the 2013 show. Today we're providing a few quick highlights for those wondering what might be at this year's show.

First we'll start off with Dodge unveiling a few new trucks and of course this new beauty. The all new SRT Viper. (Click to view as larger images)

Honda unveiled two new concepts, an Urban SUV Concept and what looks like the same NSX concept we saw last year.

On the 100 Level of the MTCC North Building, in the same spot as last year is the impressive Auto Exotica and Cruise Nationals displays. Each room with plenty of cars to drool over. More detailed coverage of these cars to come later.

Praff Mclaren brought the 12C spyder and coupe to display.

Ford had a huge display and some modded cars, I was surprised to see a black/blue Fusion tucking rim with a stance that meant it had to be bagged, they also had a pretty cool looking racing simulator video game setup...

They had a few new things to show but I got distracted with this F-150 drive-train turned sideways...

GM also had a massive section with a few displays that were cool to see, the new Stingray was on hand as well as a few other interesting concepts, including the 1-Series looking Code 130R as GM calls it.

 The best freebie / giveaway goes to the Hot Wheels display. If you go up to the machine and from your smartphone tweet #ChevyCIAS @HotWheelsCanada it spits out a Camero Hot Wheels model, just make sure location services is enabled on your phone or it won't work. Unfortunately this display was pretty busy most of the day, the pictures I got weren't too great.

Audi brought the new RS7 and R8. While the R8 might not be new, it does come the new optional V10 Plus engine and S-Tronic gearbox. The R8 V10 Plus has the same 5.2-litre V10 engine but develops an extra 24bhp and 7lb ft to raise power and torque to 542bhp and 398lb ft over the standard V10.

Last but not least my personal favorite display of the show, BMW, which had several models that attracted me like a magnet, I had to snap several shots of each model and sit in as many of them as I could. Let's start off with the i lineup, the i8 and i3's first appearance in Canada. I was almost sure I've seen these before but they must have only been in pictures if the CEO of BMW Canada's speech was correct.

 The BMW M6 Gran Coupe made it's Canadian Premiere and will be on display this year. I also got a chance to hop into the cockpit of a 650i Gran Coupe and the interior fit and finish was impressive and luxurious, something most BMWs are criticized for not having or being to spartan. BMW's response should put these critics to bed and allow them to focus on The Ultimate Driving Machine.

While trying to avoid some of the crowds earlier in the day, I wondered off and spent some time exploring the rest of the BMW lineup. The //M line-up is pretty impressive, no pun intended. While some hardcore enthusiast may not agree with growth in size and weight, there is no way they can sit in one of these vehicles and say they will not drive it if it was given to them. I can't wait to see the new M3 and M4 added to this lineup. BMW also has it's BMW Performance 335i with neat Alcantara trimmed interior on display, hopefully more BMW Performance models make it here in the future.

I'll end here by saying that this post was not meant to completely cover everything at this year's Auto Show, there are a ton of great vehicles not included in this highlight post. I will be releasing more coverage in the days to come. I have over 1000+ pictures to go through, stay tuned...


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