Sunday 1 June 2014

BMW Photoshoot - 2 S65s, 2 S62s, 2 S54s

Summer is finally here in Toronto, and everyone is out and enjoying it to the fullest. I don't blame them after the winter we had. A few good friends got together for a drive and some group photos this weekend, taking advantage of the weather, but more importantly because we wanted to drive our cars and let the gear heads in us out while spending it with good company.

Info on cars pictured: 
  • S54 Z3 Roaster - Imola on Imola/Black
  • E46 M3 Coupe - Carbon Black on Black
  • E39 M5 Sedan - Imola on Imola/Black
  • E39 M5 Sedan - Cosmos on Black
  • E92 M3 Coupe - Melbourne Red on Black
  • E92 M3 Coupe - Mineral White on Black



Hope you enjoyed these shots! Get out there and enjoy your rides! It's going to be a great summer.


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