Tuesday 9 January 2024

NRW Inline Fuel Filter Install

Once you have recieved your NRW E9X M3 S65 Inline Fuel Filter Kit, double check to make sure you have all parts including the O-Ring, Bracket Nut and Low Pressure Fuel Sensor Plug. I recommend letting the car sit overnight or a few hours before working on it. This way you won't risk burning your hands on the engine nearby or have much pressure in the fuel lines. Very little fuel was spilled when doing it this way.

  1. Remove airbox and locate low pressure fuel sensor
  2. Remove sensor wire and sensor, insert sensor plug, remove plastic nut securing the bracket.
  3. Insert O-Ring and tighten filter housing. 

  4. Install low pressure fuel sensor onto filter housing

  5. Remove existing fuel rail connection, Route new fuel line behind hose and insert quick connections.

  6. Mount filter and insert provided extended bracket nut

  7. Turn on igition, check for leaks, Start engine, check for leaks. 
  8. Re-install intake, check for leaks.

  9. Monitor the engine bay area for fuel smell or leaks.

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