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Saturday 22 June 2019

Project Headers Part 1: BMW E92 M3 Headers Before and After Dyno Comparison

Time has come for someone to brave the risky world of ebay parts. For over a year I was looking at the Becker Performance and OBX Headers for E9x M3 V8 generation of BMWs. There was zero info out there and vendors were unwilling to subsidize a purchase in order to get valuable info that would increase their sales (Bad Business IHMO). A business savy company would provide testing results or provide independent testing sources.

But I digress. 1 year later with still no one else providing any info on these and a small price drop made me decide to take the plunge and risk bad fitment and/or poor results. I figured atleast i would gain an xpipe which I've been wanting to try a catless setup for a while now.

Link to purchase these headers on ebay: eBay Becker Headers link