Sunday 16 October 2011

Event Coverage: BMWCC Trillium Autocross Oct. 15, 2011 @Powerade Centre

BMW Club of Canada hosted their 7th Autocross event of the season this weekend. There are tentative plans for an 8th event before the season is over. Stay tuned for details, I will be sure to post them once they are available. With a forecast full of rain this past week, I didn't have my hopes up. In fact I had planned to run my street tires as I kept checking the hourly and it still called for rain. I woke up Saturday, looked outside, didn't see any rain, checked my phone and magically the morning was listed as cloudy with rain in the afternoon. I decided to quickly swap my RT615s on and head out to the Powerade Centre hoping that the rain would hold off until later in the afternoon.

My for fun setup 235/40/17 RT615s on 17x8 Mille Miglias
A quick walk around to check out the cars.

Martin's E46, a regular BMW Club Member 
The perfect family car...
Interlagos Blue, SMG, Competition package E46 M3 *Drool*
No stone chips to be found on the front of this clean E36 M3 Cabrio

Sweet hardtop Z4 S-Drive 3.5i

///Mini Power (I keep forgetting to take a picture of Daniel's wing)

BMWs and Minis were not the only cars in attendance, there were alot of other fabulous cars out.

Time to line them up and have some fun!

Randy ready to attack
Civic waiting for the signal...
and he's off, kicking up a puddle that hasn't dried up yet...
Eclipse shooting onto the course
There were even a few girls are out having fun, exploring the limits of their car.

A little out of order, but 5 generations of 3-series lined up
ZCP looking right at home out there
Adrian's rare Dinan tuned 6spd manual 850ci
Stripped VW setting a fast time
Old school 3'er having some fun
Bruno's ITB'd 318i 

Full unedited pictures from the event can be found here:
I apologize in advance if I didn't get pictures of your car, I usually try to snap a few pictures of every car, but due to the rain and the fact that I was busy helping out I wasn't able to snap as many pictures as I would have liked. Thank you for tuning in for this October 15th edition of BMWCC Trillium's Autocross event coverage.

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