Monday 9 January 2012

2012 Winter Championship Go-Kart Series - GPK @Downsview

BMW Club of Canada is hosting their Annual Winter Go-Kart Championship Series to help drivers cope with our driving withdrawals during the winter season. There will be 3 heats of 15 laps each including a qualifying session and 2 official races to earn points towards the series championship. This year's championship series will take place at GPK located in the Downview park area. One awesome benefit of joining the series is that the karts turned to Speed setting 1, which really wakes the karts up when compared to the Speed setting 2 which is used for the general public. Speed setting 1 requires you to brake for several turns, no more full throttle the entire track! Don't let those skills you learned at the track last summer go rusty over the winter...

More info after the break, hope to see everyone there!

Famous Karting quotes from racing legends:

"I win all the time. F1 is just too easy. Now karting, that's a real challenge." S. Vettel

"Thank God I switched to F1. Karting was way too exciting. I'm taking it down a notch and going to F1." L. Hamilton

"Karting? Too dangerous. The speed. The noise. I had to go to F1 to calm my nerves." A. Senna

Sunday January 15 at 7pm
Sunday January 29 at 7pm
Sunday February 12 at 7pm
Sunday March 4 at 7pm
Sunday March 18 at 7pm

GrandPrix Kartways Downsview Park
75 Carl Hall Road
Bay 3, Unit #9
Toronto, ON
Canada M3K 2B9

$50.00 Tax incl.
Annual Trillium Membership Fee: $62.15 Tax incl. (All Participants must be a BMWCC Member)
BMWCC members are allowed to bring 1 guest to the event.
For more information regarding the benefits of being a BMWCC member visit the Trillium Club website - Click Here

More Info: 
For more information regarding this event, check out the following discussion - 2012 Winter Championship Go-Kart Series or contact John Venditti at if you have any questions.

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