Friday 4 May 2012

Weekend Roundup: CASC @DDT, PITL, @SMP, BMWCC Autoslalom, Squeaky Clean @Neo Motorsports

Spring is here and the weather is starting to get better and better. That means the number of weekend events are starting to grow. From now until fall, will put together a list of events taking place each weekend and send them out every friday! 'Like' us on Facebook to stay up to date with what's happening in the Toronto automotive scene. More info on the events taking place this weekend after the break...

Saturday May 5th, 2012
May 5-6 - CASC School @DDT
May.5 - PITL Autoslalom
May 5 - @SMP

Sunday May 6th, 2012
May 6 - BMWCC AutoX
May 6 - Squeaky Clean @Neo

Click on the links for more info!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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