Saturday 22 June 2019

Project Headers Part 1: BMW E92 M3 Headers Before and After Dyno Comparison

Time has come for someone to brave the risky world of ebay parts. For over a year I was looking at the Becker Performance and OBX Headers for E9x M3 V8 generation of BMWs. There was zero info out there and vendors were unwilling to subsidize a purchase in order to get valuable info that would increase their sales (Bad Business IHMO). A business savy company would provide testing results or provide independent testing sources.

But I digress. 1 year later with still no one else providing any info on these and a small price drop made me decide to take the plunge and risk bad fitment and/or poor results. I figured atleast i would gain an xpipe which I've been wanting to try a catless setup for a while now.

Link to purchase these headers on ebay: eBay Becker Headers link

Onto some pictures of the headers:

The original plan was to install the headers without doing any dynos because I am not a fan of the variances and have no need to compare peak numbers to others online knowing this. But I was speaking to a few friends and they encouraged me to ask the community if they'd be willing to contribute to see what kind of response I would get. I created a thread here, on M3post. Support was great, and it shows how great of a community of M3 Owners still frequent an online forum in current days of social media crazed millennials. I guess there are still some like minded individuals like myself that value the information forums provide without the "social media" stereo typical nonsense.

With great support and contributions of gracious individuals (Sam, Elie, Shadley, Billy, Artur, Amraz, Jordan and Anuk) they were able to fund and convince me to do before and after dynos. So without further ado, here are the before dyno results.

Results are not great (peak number wise), but it is 93F Heat & 40% Humidity

STD: 344rwhp 251rwtq

SAE: 336rwhp 245rwtq

Performance mods before headers were:
  • MS Test Pipes
  • MS Intake 
  • Stage 2 BPMSport Tune
  • CNT Racing Exhaust

Stay tuned for install notes and after dyno results...

Update: Click here for Part II: Headers Install

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