Saturday 22 June 2019

Project Headers Part 3: BMW E92 M3 Headers Dyno Results

Results are IN! The good news is that the new previously unknown Becker Performance S65 Headers sound amazing and are not a complete dud, they actually make power over the entire rpm range.

+15whp / +8wtq in hotter conditions 96F vs 93F, same 40% humidity
The only change was the removal of the stock xpipe with primary cats removed and test pipes installed. The secondary cats and resonators were still in place. No tuning changes were made, car is still on BPM Sport Stage 2 91 tune, same as the before dyno.



Link to purchase these headers on ebay: eBay Becker Header link

Overall I am happy with the results and change in sound, it is louder but not too loud like other setups I've heard, we'll see how I enjoy the smell, my plan is to add High Flow Cats if i can't handle the smell. The rawness of the sounds and engine noises are a welcome change and so far I enjoy it.

Update: Some have asked for a video sound clip, I got some footage on the way to work and cut it short to show the sound of the setup in varying conditions to hopefully paint a picture of how it sounds in person. It is hard to re-create the in person experience but this should give you an ideal of the type of sound you can expect.

Update, below is a more recent video with an E85 Tune which has burbles enabled. 

Click here for Part II: Headers Install
Click here for Part I: Before Dyno


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  2. Have you dyno'd your car after you've switched to alpinemss E85 tune?


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