Saturday, 22 June 2019

Project Headers Part 3: BMW E92 M3 Headers Dyno Results

Results are IN! The good news is that the new previously unknown Becker Performance S65 Headers sound amazing and are not a complete dud, they actually make power over the entire rpm range.

+15whp / +8wtq in hotter conditions 96F vs 93F, same 40% humidity



Link to purchase these headers on ebay:

Overall I am happy with the results and change in sound, it is louder but not too loud like other setups I've heard, we'll see how I enjoy the smell, my plan is to add High Flow Cats if i can't handle the smell. The rawness of the sounds and engine noises are a welcome change and so far I enjoy it.

Update: Some have asked for a video sound clip, I got some footage on the way to work and cut it short to show the sound of the setup in varying conditions to hopefully paint a picture of how it sounds in person. It is hard to re-create the in person experince but this should give you an ideal of the type of sound you can expect.

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