Tuesday 22 May 2012

Event Coverage: BMWCC & CASC SoloII @Mosport DDT May 20th, 2012

BMWCC Trillium Chapter and CASC-OR hosted their first combined event of the season and what an event it was. Taking place on Sunday May 20th of the Victoria Day long weekend here in Canada at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park Driver Development Training Track (aka Mosport DDT). We couldn't have asked for a better weekend, the weather was great, turnout was excellent and once the timing gear was sorted, the smiles started lighting up everyone's faces as adrenaline and testosterone filled the air. A quick recap and pictures after the break...

Participant turn out as I said earlier was excellent, with an 80+ car field ranging from open wheel, fully gutted, race prepped, light modded to daily drivers, there was incredibly diverse range of cars in attendance. Let's take a quick walk through the paddock area to check out the field.

Cadillac's new wolf in sheep clothing, aka CTS-V Coupe.
One of many Subarus in attendance, no BS. 
Love the aggressiveness of the new TT-RS 
Of course being a BMWCC hosted event, there were alot of BMWs out.

A little German Humor
1 of 2 Vettes running 
Cars continue to roll in
This is only one side of a packed paddock area, I'll skip forward to some action, I can spend days covering each car.
Before all the action starts, a quick driver's meeting to go over all the rules and tad bits for the day.

Cars are staged, yes that's an Impala SS...

#01 Vette waiting to attack, Scott holding him back as the timing gear is prepped...
and they're off! 
Subaru diving into the first turn, locking up his right rear.
I have a soft spot for Datsuns, my dad had a 210
Even a Corolla can do it, you have no excuse.
The obvious raw FTD goes to this open wheel monster

I'll finish the pictures here and leave two in car videos to show the course that was set out for us. The first video is my fastest run of the day, a 91.5s run that finished 9th overall after PAX. The second video is in Terry's tailhappy M5. These videos were filmed using an iPhone with Harry's Laptimer App. This amazing app does the GPS recording and video overlay. Check it out in the app store or their website: http://www.gps-laptimer.de

I would like to thank all of the BMWCC organizers and volunteers, all the CASC-OR guys for joining and timing the event. The timing gear is awesome! Live wifi timing results FTW. I would also like to thank Rich from Rebirth Motorsports and all the helpers for the great BBQ lunch, this event wouldn't be possible without all these great people sacrificing their time and allowing us to enjoy attacking pylons.

I have over 500 pictures, I apologize in advance if I didn't get a picture of your car. I tried my best to capture everyone between my runs, but it was difficult to get cars that were in my run group. The majority of these pictures have not been fully edited, as it would have taken days. I did pass them through a few filters and presets. If anyone would like to order prints, please send an email with the picture number to prints@tdott.me. I can do 8''x10''s for $10 & 11''x14'' for $20, or even customize a poster/album/frame/etc. All prints will be re-edited and cleaned up.

Full album can be found here: http://razzi.me/a/14239

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