Saturday 26 May 2012

Weekend Roundup: Ontario Time Attack @DDT, PITL Autoslalom, @TMP, Hot Wheelz Show & Shine, Stretch & Poke, Exotic Car Lapping

The weekend is here! Gumball has already passed through Niagara Falls and Toronto, now on their way to Detroit. For those not taking part in the Gumball Rally (we wish right?), there is still alot to enjoy this weekend. Check them out after the break.

May 25 - Gumball 3000
May 26 - Ontario Time Attack #1 @DDT
May.26 - PITL Autoslalom
May 26 - @TMP
May 26 - Hot Wheelz Show & Shine
May 27 - Stretch & Poke
May 27 - Ontario Time Attack #2 @DDT
May 27 - Exotic Car Lapping @TMP

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