Saturday 26 May 2012

Event Coverage: Gumball 3000 Niagara & Toronto

Yesterday, joined the Gumball crew in Niagara Falls to check out the action as they made a quick pitstop in Niagara Falls before heading to Toronto. Not all of the ~150 cars decided to stop at the Niagara Falls check point as the rally was running slighly behind schedule. Some elected to continue directly to Yorkville in Toronto where they will be spending the night before heading trough Detroit, then stopping in Indianapolis for the Indy 500. Click past the break to see our coverage of these two stops along the Gumball 3000 2012 tour across North America.

The checkpoint location was the Skylon Tower parking lot where the Gumballers choose as their dinner stop. The crowds were small at first, but then started to grow as the cars rolled in. Minimal fencing was in place and the organizers had their hands full controlling the crowd.

Smiles on everyone's face as they rolled in.

Perfect top down weather! Everyone having a good time.

Free stuff draws a crowd as these guys found out. 

The CTS-V Wagon putting on a show for the crowds...

After taking a quick break, the crew heads for Toronto where they are met with an even bigger crowd. Thankfully organizers were prepared for this and Yorkville and Cumberland were closed off, as the cars line the streets protected by fencing and security. The fencing helped keep the crowds at bay during the roll ins...

 Not sure which I like better, the Veyron or the Aventador, both are on the top of my list...

Can't argue with that!

Probably not my first choice for a cross country road trip, maybe he took the 'Rally' part of the name literally. Either way, a sick custom built rally machine...

My wife and I over-heard one guy telling his girlfriend about this 'SLK' .... even my wife wanted to correct him.

As expected several of the cars were from across the pond from countries such as the United Kingdom, Neatherlands, Switzerland, UAE to name a few. It was a great sight to see all these beautiful machines in one place, and must be quite the adventure of a lifetime for all those involved. For more information about the Gumball 3000 Rally, visit their website to see when they are coming to your town!

Gumball 3000 Website:

Check out more pictures in our album below:

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